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Injection Mold Tooling

LeVic's Injection Mold Tooling services provides high quality, high precision molds capable of producing over 50,000 pieces. Multiple cavity, complex molds are designed to fit customer requirements. Material selection is extremely important depending on the application. LeVic's engineers will determine which alloy or combinations of alloys best fills the requirements, while maintaining low costs. Professional Software engineers help clients with SolidWorks designs of their molds to ensure structural integrity, correctness, and longevity of their design. Utilizing a modern, fully equipped faciltiy, LeVic fabricates the mold, holding to the highest standards of precision and safety. At LeVic, all aspects of Mold Tooling are performed, which results in short lead times with no loss of quality or performance.


Mold Threads

Special Threads - Bottle Threads, Special Acme, etc.
Standard OD and ID Threads


less than 0.0005"

Lifetime of Mold

20,000 to 50,000 pieces


Combination of Alloys depending on requirements
Mold Star Series
P20 Tool Steel
Porcerax II
Stainless Steel
Thermally Conductive Copper


Bridgeport Milling Machine
Cuttermaster Tool Grinder
Engine Lathe
EZ Path ROMI CNC Lathe
Hurco BMC 2416 CNC Machining Center
Hurco Milling Machines
Hurco VMX 24 CNC Machining Center
K.O. Lee Cutter Grinder
Surfcam Programming Software
Taylor Hobson Tool Grinder
TRAK K3 Programable Mill


ISO Compliant

Quality Control Equipment

12" Optical Comparator
Gauge Blocks
Granite Surface Plate
Micrometers to 12"
Pin Gauges to .500
Traceable to National Standards
Verniers to 24"

Industries Served

All Industries

LeVic Plastics, Inc. | From Concept through Production, LeVic has been meeting our Customers Injection Molding needs since 1972